Let’s talk a little bit about the best resources that can help you get started with Clojure. This page is going to be dedicated to sharing resources like books, articles, quick guides online and everything else that gives a good quick solution to a problem that programmers, actual programmers or would be programmers might come across when programming in Clojure.

First let’s talk about the actual official Clojure website. I know I said that information there can be hard to navigate through, but if you are courages enough, you can dive straight in there and start learning syntax tutorials that they have there.

Next up is the Clojure Academy. You know I debated with myself whether or not I just put this in the courses section or here in resources, but I think that Clojure Academy isn’t technically speaking a course. It could be, but I see it more as if it gives you access to lessons and you can pick what you want to learn. They cover pretty much everything that you will need to get up and going with Clojure.

Getting Clojure is a book, a paid book that I think is definitely worth the money you’ll be spending on it. I really like the way that they teach the core concepts of Clojure. They do it by presenting you with problems, one problem at a time, which is then solved with Clojure. Think of it as a practical way of learning Clojure, which is the best way to learn.