On this page I’m going to be sharing with you all the useful courses for learning Clojure that I come across on the web. Note that this might include both free and paid course seeing how I frequent Udemy quite a lot.

Clojure Tutorial – by Derek Banas

This tutorial is a great way to see what exactly it is that Clojure has to offer without spending too much time on going through an entire book. Even though some might complain about the lenght of the video, Derek Banas is a well respected lecturer and in this video gives an excellent demo of Clojure for folks to decide whether or not they should be interested in the language.

Introduction to Clojure – by Mats Gisselson

This 3 part course on Clojure is another great way for people to get familiar with the basics of Clojure and to learn how Clojure ties into Java, JVM and other existing technologies. Note that you need to have some knowledge of programming, preferably Java, in order to not feel so lost when looking at this course. It’s very short, so there’s not much talk about programming in general.

Clojure – The Complete Beginner’s Guide

This lecure is a paid lecure which can be found on Udemy. Normally the lecture will set you back around 100$, but if you hurry up and purchase it right now, you can have it for around 10$, seeing how there’s a huge holiday sale still going on. If you miss it on sale, you can still wait a while and it should be on sale again. These types of sales are quite often on Udemy, and the course might not be worth the 100 bucks that they want for it. But it’s a still great intro into Clojure, if you want something more in-depth. The course lasts for about 4 hours total and covers basics of programming in Clojure, some advanced concepts, working with popular Clojure IDEs and so on.