Clojure tutorial in video form – best Clojure lecture on Youtube

Recently I made a post about a book that is a great starting point for learning Clojure. To be more precise I made a book recommendation for beginners like myself who are interested in learning Clojure. In this update I’m going to be making a recommendation for an extensive video lecture on Youtube that gives and amazing overview of Clojure, in a quick 1 hour and change long lecture.

Clojure tutorial in video form – best Clojure lecture on Youtube

This video lecture that I’ve linked down below has been made by Derek Banas, which is a well known name if you are following the programming scene on Youtube. He covers and gives lecures on a wide range of programming languages. He’s very famous for his multiple hour long crash courses in programming languages.

Similarly to this hour and change long video on Clojure that he made above, on his YouTube channel you can find similar videos on a wide range of programming languages. His lecture on Clojure is a great overview of the philosophy of Clojure, and gives you a great basic grasp of the basic mechanics of the language. Check it out if you are curious about Clojure and would like to know what it has to offer. And please don’t whine that 1 hour is too long. Just sit through it and if you don’t like it, you don’t like it.

Book recommendation for Clojure beginners – “Clojure for the Brave and True”

Let’s kick things off by making a book recommendation for folks who have some background in programming, just a little bit, and who want to start learning Clojure. Even if you don’t have any experiance in programming and for some reason you want to dive into it by learning Clojure, you will definitely learn something by picking up “Clojure for the Brave and True”.

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